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Raise more with our advanced automation features, incredible prizes, and people-first focus. We’re built to help your organization succeed.


A new way to Fundraise for your organization

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Fundraise Anywhere, Anytime

Optimize your funds raised and grow your support.

Automated Messaging

Reach more potential donors with our advanced outreach systems.

Raise More

Process payments with our intuitive platform.

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Map your growth and chart your success.

Tools to Grow Your Organization

Track Donations

Search for your donors and accelerate your progress.

Custom Prizes

Gain access to incredible prizes such as pro player camps and autographs!

Easy Registration

Frictionless sign-up process for your athletes!

Mobile Friendly Platform

Facilitate and share your fundraiser on any platform

Support from the Playbook Family

We’re Always Available to Connect

Let us help you raise more

Dedicated Fundraising Coach

Our 1:1 fundraising coach will help you reach your fundraising goals

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Reach out to raise@callplaybook.com!

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We’re built to help you succeed


We understand the needs of organizations like yours

  • We’re built to help you succeed
  • Cutting-edge backend fundraising management tools
  • Intuitive frontend donation interface to make sure that all can give!
  • Through our network, we have access to prizes from pro player camps, to autographs, to custom merchandise
  • Attend a Playbook event at a professional stadium to launch your fundraiser!
  • Take advantage of Playbook’s benefits immediately
  • Our advanced outreach system automates your fundraising efforts
  • Our seamless onboarding process allows your players to sign-up with just a few clicks
  • Our dedicated fundraising coaches are always available to set you on the path to success
  • We understand the power of sports to impact people
  • Expand your reach with our messaging processes
  • Spend less time in the office and more time on the field, court, snow, or ice.


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When you fundraise with Playbook, you’re a member of our family. We can introduce you to our Platform’s advanced capabilities to help run your organization.



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“Playbook is different than any other company I've been with, as far as their customer service, and their willingness to help me with anything I need. Their tools help me grow and manage my business.”
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Our flexible tools have allowed us to help business leaders, coaches, and administrators of all kinds raise more for their programs!


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